segunda-feira, 21 de julho de 2008

This Beautiful Song Filling My Head...

(Este belo som preenchendo minha cabeça)

I can hear her song within the air
The slow dream,
the flowers rising against the storm...

No more teardrops in my face.
No man can halt my life again.
I´m Sorry God for I´d hated you that way...

No misunderstood words, no sorrow...

I can her her voice melting the ice.
A slow kiss,
The eternal rose, not a single thorn..

No more futile sadness in my eyes..
Let the wind makes me shiver,Oh God,
Is this a gift? I´m sorry for do not deserve.

No misunderstood words, no sorrow...
No suffering, no illness, No Hell.

Just a sight, so divine and pure.
Not compared to my unsightly crime.
Call this love, but i have to fell,
Understand If love can make me sane or real.

No misunderstood words, no sorrow...
No suffering, no illness, No Hell.
Not a single decayed vision,
Not a little fallen tear... NOT AGAIN

Raising my hands to what I fell.
I give up to this song
Filling my head and all my dreams.
Through her hands, shall it last.
The enigma of a life...
Enslaved by the time
Who waits for better words to say.
Who waits for a higher hand to take ours...
And make this last for a while
Just a moment pure or divine,
Or just keep playing
This beautiful song within my life.

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Andarilho disse...

A mais bela música é aquela que ninguém mais ouve.
O essencial é invisível aos olhos, só se pode vê-lo com o coração.

Boas poesias.

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